Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Love in the Time of Corona

Wow, what a time to be alive! is all I keep thinking.

I woke at 5:30am and so using the quiet space to update this blog. Found I was mentally ready to write again and decided to just do it ASAP before diving back in to Twitter to watch the world implode (and as I said on the other social network, Twitter is really, really good right now if you have curated your feed with smart friends and co-workers, politicians, journalists, pithy pundits, celebrities, and sports figures you respect. Lots of trenchant commentary and perspectives at a time NO one knows what the hell is really gonna happen = hard-hitting content).

First of all, I’m so very sorry we could not pull off Doug’s Big Fat Memorial as planned for April 11. As soon as I started sending out save-the-dates, it became clear that this virus was going to be virulent enough to keep it from coming off. My hope is that we will be able to still hold it in the grand style Doug really wanted, and the pent up energy to connect with each other by then will make it even more meaningful. I’ll re-announce it here whenever the fuck things stabilize enough to even plan this kind of party.

Secondly, yeah, dealing with implacable virus precautions + paranoia and extreme social isolation is a double serving of a drippy, sloppy shit sandwich and turns our world upside down again. All the sweet, warm check-ins from so many of you mean a lot. And we are ok! Clara and I are getting along so amazingly well and really partnering on living this new life in lockdown- and that is what matters to me most right now. That, and trying to keep us both healthy. If I even *think* about what happens if one of us has to quarantine from the other, I break down. I am already so emotionally weak. On the brighter side, wanted to share...

Things that are helping:
  • Getting double the amount of “ILY”s from Clara any time day or night and over SMS. Melts me.
  • Taking yoga and pilates classes over Zoom that my amazing studio Innerstellar offers (lemme know if you wanna join and may be able to get you a free pass). Clara often joins me, too!
  • Grating ginger root (a big piece), juicing it from a coffee filter into a shot glass. Then squeezing one lime into that glass. Shake a bunch of cayenne in there and a squirt of maple syrup to soften the sour up and BAM! you feel immunized. This is a morningtime activity.
  • Doing the hardcore, 30 minute power walk with Clara in the hills right outside our door. We pass no one!
  • Heating up and eating some of the super tasty curries and rice dishes that Yomi made and froze for us during his last trip over in December.

  • Playing with legos with Clara. She's totally into it with those damn big acrylic nails its wild to watch!
  • Having long conversations on the phone for check-ins with friends vs. the typical string of texts.
  • Taking long, bath-bombed tubs with candles all around.
  • Listening to two Boards of Canada-inspired playlists on Spotify that really bring the heartbeat down. I mean, mood-changing stuff! This is one Timmmii made and then Peter was inspired to do one, too. Both are really long to get your groove on. (And best with headphones.)
  • Going on long, fast drives over the bridges and through our cities. The streets are hauntingly empty.
  • Floofing the house with flowers which bring so much sensual pleasure. Less of that now with reduced grocery shopping.

Please tell me some of the things that are keeping you all kool.

And sending all the love and luck out to each of you as we go through this monumental and difficult time.



  1. Thanks for the update, Candace. And glad to know you and Clara are doing good. I love the idea of you driving around and checking out the empty world around us. Somehow, when I'm driving, I keep encountering little traffic clusters, which is a reminder of the world of the past.

    Also, I love that you're playing with "legos." In my past life as a reporter, I wrote about Legos a lot, and let me tell you, when you publish a story that refers to "Legos," the brand stans come out of the woodwork in FORCE. These people, who do not work for Lego, will fall on a sword for the company and its brand guideline that there is no such thing as "Legos." There is only LEGO bricks. They insist that that is how journalists write, even though no one in the history of real people talks about how they play with LEGO bricks.

    Anyway, please keep playing with legos. Just don't step on them, 'cause that shit is painful.


    1. Ah, Greeter Dan! Yes, I remember you writing about LEGO bricks quite a bit when they had a big resurgence. And yes, totally painful. Glad Clara is old enough to sit at the table and not hunkered down on the carpeted floor to play! Thanks for the comment and treasuring our last random night with Larry E walking around Grace Cathedral a night not long ago. Lucky that time was together.