Monday, March 9, 2020

Doug's Big Fat Memorial

DISCLAIMER: Listening to Check your Head pretty loud in the house so I am in a mood....

It seems totally appropriate to pen the first post since the last one by announcing the party to you all.
It took some doing, but I found the perfect big ass indoor/outdoor warehouse space to throw a proper gathering for all you motherfuckers to celebrate Doug Fuller in the style we both discussed. All stops are being yanked out for this one, friends. Post-Ghostship & general real estate mayhem, this was no small feat. Big thanks to Yomi and Mr. Tom of We Are From Dust for hooking up the location. And major props to the design genius Catie Magee (aka Tits Magee) for the above design which will brand this night for years to come.

And you are all invited! In order to get succinct, yet amusing updates on what is gonna go down, you will need to RSVP if you can make it. I know it is Easter and that this fucked up virus is circulating - so what better time to celebrate life? Fine to bring an SO but please indicate this when responding. We will have security and greeters due to the location, so capturing an accurate guestlist is hella impt. Expect a rated R/XXX event. Thanks for not referring to this on any lists/sosh meeds.

The Deets

When: Saturday, April 11th
Where: China Basin area in San Francisco (addy to come closer to)
Time: 9pm till 3am
What: Variety Show of Shenanigans and Performances fueled by Hand-Shaken Cocktails & Light Southern Fare (ha)
Attire: Fancy AF or Klown Black Tie and we will have a coat check
Bring: Item for the Doug Altar, flask with your fave elixir in it, good intentions
Plan: NOT to drive. Please Lyft. #deleteuber Parking sux & it's just safer
RSVP: Please email to request an invite and include addy for your SO. Formal invites to go out in a week or so.

This event will be as multifaceted as Doug's personality was and it is basically already 80% planned- has come together rapidly and naturally. Cameron aka Teiwaz is helping me project manage it, so please be in touch with him if you have big ideas.

ALSO! I am thinking of having a "Happy Hour Yard Sale" of some of Doug's things on Friday night before the party. He was a crazy collector of all sorts of things: silk ties, eclectic LPs, ceramic clowns, beads he made necklaces from, tons of quilting fabrics, beer brewing equipment, and on and on.  I will be keeping lots of stuff for Clara who will want it when she is older, but reallly want to release the stuff into the community for reasonable $$$. All proceeds will go to the 529 education account I just set up for Clara. Stay tuned for more info on this...

More and other thoughts to come.....

Big love to you all-

PS: Wash your hands, wipe shit down and breathe.

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