Sunday, August 25, 2019

We R Going to Bunring Man!

First year Doug made us custom clown outfits, BM 2000
photo by Glenn Campbell

Hard to believe but yes, we are actually going to make it to the dust this year!
Before all this bullshit happened, Doug had hoped we could go together this year, since he went with a harem of ladies last year and I was with Peter and friends the year prior.

The year we did Klown Town, 2001
Photo by Jon Ross
This was going to be our year. And it still will be. We were falling in love at the 1998 burn, and have nurtured and exhibited so much of our connection to each other in nearly every year since. The place is super sentimental and where so many of our closest companions are, and NOT going because of this cancer fuckery was going to forcefully suck. Words alone can't quite express how exuberant we are about the ability to have this time together out there.

"That Guy" the Klown and iKandi the Klown, BM 2014
Photo by I have no idea
Plus, Harley, one of the organizers of the BM, had asked both of us months ago to do some storytelling at one of the camps out there, to talk about the "days of yore". We had even had conference calls rehearsing some of the tales about the formation of the Greeters, which Doug was involved with from the start, and Media Mecca, which I helped organize in 1997 with Marian and many others.

Delighted to report that Doug's treatment has worked so well that the decision for us, and with the counsel of our doctors, is to FUCKING JUST GO!

Therefore, if any of you are out there- please come hear our talk! The details:

Camp: The Mansonian Institute
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Date: Wednesday, August 28th
Addy: The corner of 6:30 and Diana (look behind the murals in the front)

There will be shade and a happy hour! Harley is moderating it and is one other talk, too. We are thankful to even have had rehearsal time with the famed Dixie de la Tour today to really prep. And Andie Grace also helped us think through our tales when she came to record a session with us a few weeks ago (to play in case we could not make it).

But we are going!

Will stay for a few days and see how Doug feels and likely get out of there early.

Watch for a report on how that experience went. It is sure to be super romantic, dramatic, spiritual and cathartic.


  1. HOLY MOLY this is awesome. I can't get there until Thursday morning so will unfortunately miss the talk but can't wait to see and love on you both! :-D

    1. The deep, long hug and sweet, calming convo we had at The Office stays with me. Deep thx for going there. And please ensure you wear blonde wigs more often. So sexy on you.

  2. Pip, I'm NOT in the dust this year. I know a lot of your core team is out there. I just want to say, if you need anything before you leave or when you get back, let me know.

    1. OH and I forgot to say, I am thrilled that you're able to do this! Playa!

  3. I lovelovelove this update. AG played me the recording y'all made, the "how we met" part as I drove us out to Early Burn. Happy tears. You guys have been and remain inspirational, hell aspirational!, to not just me with your love story. ROMANCE! Do it! I look forward to stories and yoga upon return ❤️���������������� forever your Snatchy

    1. Well you know all those question marks are dirty clown related emojis

    2. Wished we could have danced in the dust together had you stayed! Glad the stories moved you. I was inspired to stage "Klown Yoga" at existing yoga joints on the playa and need a legit Yoga Klown like you to lead it up. Can you accept this gig and say yes to 2020 so we can plan? Srsly.

  4. Dang! I don’t have the stamina to do Burning Man! You rock! My hat is off to you!

  5. Replies
    1. Right? Pretty much the answer to most things now.

  6. Hey dust bunnies - that's freakin awesome! Looking forward to what emerges, and how the playa just cracks all of us open... <3 Glad you got out there, see you soon!

  7. Totally worked! Staying that vulnerable as long as possible.