Monday, July 15, 2019

The next phase: Gamma Rays

                                                   ( ^^ showed up on our front doorstep, courtesy of Robyn, 
                                                     the talented illustrator who helps Doug design his holiday CDs)

Today, Doug got his first radiation treatment. It is a very space age situation. Lasts 7 mins or so. And the side effects are cumulative so he felt ok coming out of it today. He will do this daily, M-F, for 6 weeks and then it should stop.

Tonight, he takes his first chemo pill. We are gripping for the nausea that typically ensues. The chemo pill is daily and could be administered longer than radiation. Both treatments are meant to shrink the tumour, and hopefully improve his vision, motor coordination, and short term memory. We will see!

In all the sadness and trauma associated with a major life shift like this, I am delighted to report that there are MANY silver linings.

  • Enhanced family bonding time. Clara is a CHAMP!
  • Magical, intimate moments with a panoply of visitors
  • Lots of real talk beyond just this cancer bullshit
  • The chance to slow life waaay down to Doug speed, i.e, he noticed a peregrine falcon swooping through the canyon off our deck for first time whilst gazing off in the distance
  • A renewed mission to try and #enjoyeveryday (thanks again, Teddy)
We are totally buffered by our community, which makes it even possible to recognize those silver linings. Just the other day, Doug had one dude and many special ladies surrounding him to help with various things, including a fresh shave.  These are moments to cherish, and we do. Thank you over and over, dear friends. It helps make this situation a lot more bearable and we are extremely grateful. More to come....


  1. Thanks for the update! Glad you all are surrounded by such lovely humans!!!

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  3. Thank you for keeping us informed through this blog. Thinking of you all. xoxo

  4. My scattershot reading of email and social media kept me in the dark. I saw a post mentioning “MrToad” and thought it had to be some other toad. But no. My healing thoughts & juju are with you, Doug, Candace, and Clara.

  5. Thank you for the updates! Those are both incredible images. LOVEYOUALL!!

  6. Everyone is different, but for me there was no nausea at all from the chemo. The side effects were all from the radiation. It wasn't fun, but my situation was different than yours, Doug. You won't have those same side effects, so it's possible that it won't be as bad as you might think it will. In my case, they told me there would be no side effects until at least day 10 - and that's exactly when it happened. Be prepared for any side effects to last for a couple of weeks after treatment ends. Hope it's as easy as slog as it can be!

  7. I know it’s hard but thanks for the continued updates. He and you are in all our thoughts, all the time. ❤️💋